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The Best Massage Chairs Buying Guide 2022 – Complete Guide
Read the honest, authentic and unbiased reviews on the Best Massage Chairs. Must read my article before buying the massage chair. There are many types of massage chairs in the market and you will find hundreds of articles on ” The Best Massage Chairs Reviews “. But I’m sure that you will buy one of my recoomended massage chair.

Massage Chairs Reviews
There are many types of chairs with different massage types. Now a days 3D / 4D , Shaitsu , Zero gravity and Auto Body Scan Massage Chairs are most common selling. There are many brand of chairs like Osaki , Kahuna , iRest , Real Relax , Medical Break Through. You will find all types of massage chairs in my site .

Massage Chairs are from normal range to high end. Here you will find massage chair as per your budget. I would personallay recommend you to buy iRest 2021 massage chair.
Massage Paths
Two types of massage path are available: S-Track and L-Track.


The original design is S-shaped, which follows the curvature of the spine and focuses on various areas of the back. The L shape uses the same rail design in combination with a longer rail length to take your massage one step further.


While some S-shaped designed chairs reach higher up the neck, what sets the L shape apart is its ability to reach the glutes and hamstrings. The L-rail extends from the neck area down to the lower back and then under the buttocks and thighs.

This feature may be suitable for those who want to focus the massage action on the lower back and legs and are willing to pay a little more for those features. In fact the S-type is typically cheaper than most L-shaped chairs.
Reclining in zero gravity
Almost all massage chairs on the market are reclining. However, not all of them can reach a position of zero gravity. This position, introduced by NASA, is achieved when the legs are raised to a level above the heart. The purpose of this position is to relieve some of the stress on the joints that gravity exerts and to rest the weight of the body on the back of the chair, deepening the massage. It also allows you to stimulate blood circulation.

Thanks to this optimal position, a more relaxing, deep and complete massage is obtained. There are several massage chairs that automatically recline in this position when you choose a specific program. Some chairs also have zero-gravity functions with a single touch and two-phase zero-gravity. There are also models that offer inversion therapy that lifts the legs even higher for better circulation, ideal for people suffering from swollen lower limbs.

Follwing Questions may arise during the search:
Does the massage chair really work?
Many massage chairs have the ability to stretch and knead problem areas where muscles are too tight, and relaxing them will help relax the skeletal structure. Eliminating this stress, alongside the warming function , will help with alignment of the spine, which is a common cause of back pain.
How often should I use a massage chair?
According to experts, it is good to have an armchair massage twice a day for between 15 and 20 minutes. By doing this, you can relieve tension and take care of your mood.
Can a massage chair hurt your back?
Yes, using the massage chair can cause mild to moderate pain at first. A feeling of mild discomfort occurs because the chair helped to release tension in the various muscles.
Are massage chairs effective for arthritis?
Massage chairs can help relieve muscle stiffness, pain, and tension associated with back pain and arthritis. When selecting a chair, it is useful to know which massage techniques are best suited to address the different problems.
Where do I put the massage chair?
The massage chair is perfect for the bedroom, living room and office. In spacious rooms, even the largest armchair can easily find its place.